Thursday, November 11, 2010

Oishii Omnomnom

I flunked Nippongo.  Big deal. 

Well, I didn’t really fail because it was that hard to tackle, what happened was, I dropped the subject mid-semester because I got too caught up with last year’s holidays (my sister and her family flew in from Europe and I got ‘busy’). Still, it wasn’t an easy class; we also had to write Japanese. 

I remember when I took up Fookien and barely made it. My Lǎoshī told all of us, we shouldn’t worry about failing because she totally understands how impossible it is for us to learn the entire module if we only meet 3 hours a week for 5 months. She spoke the truth.

I thought about how incompetent I am at anything Japanese. I’m not into anime like 90 percent of the population unless if it’s in the general category of cute (i.e.Totoro) and kikay (i.e.Sailor Moon). You hate me by now. I do like Japanese cars, noodles, Meiji chocolate, and was crazy about the perfumed stationery collection of my childhood aaaand my most favorite soy sauce in the world is Kikkoman