Saturday, August 28, 2010

What You Can't Have

There are things I'm upset about like the sad fact that there aren't any onion rings available anywhere near me. And if there are, why does it have to cost as much as a quarter pounder when it's just onion? I know LOL I'm pretty cheap.

Not many people like onion.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Once a Week Veg

The internet gives you so many ideas that sometimes, it doesn't matter if you can evoke your own ideas anymore. You can just wait around, be resourceful in the blogospheres - click and click and you will eventually find a lot of relevant stuff. Just like this video that I found through a friend who found it through his friend's facebook wall or something like it.

So this guy right? His idea is awesome. If you can't give up bacon, why should you? Like me. I can't give up meat. My life will be meaningless without it. I live for meat. I love meat - almost all kinds.

But a part of me wants to become veg for health reasons. And yeah, if it should help save the world, going veg is totally worth it. I have tried it for about 5 months. Imagine me. Imagine someone who lives for adobo and cheeseburgers. I know. I know. It's heartbreaking.

So this guy, Graham Hill is a weekday veg. But I couldn't even do that. Not while living with my family. You have no idea! And weekend veg is kind of impossible too because the weekend is the only time we actually sit down together for meals. It's also the favorite part of the week because we get to eat out or cook out and be rowdy and messy and oily and loud.