Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Open Sesame

Sometimes, aroma is everything. Everything to get your drool on, that is. It's an initiator of things, a bringer of memories, a heart-stopper. Get a bad cold and I bet you wouldn't even touch those fries no matter how scrumptious it looks (welp, some people still do!). The sense of smell is just as important as the sense of taste and sight when it comes to food. If you're a mother, you should know that the best people to taste test food are kids because they prove to have a higher sensitivity than adults. 

"Stack of pancakes, you have no idea what I can do to you."

This reminds me of yesterday when I went out to dine with my family at Sunburst Fried Chicken. It's a local chicken place from where I live (Cebu City) which I can safely say, is already an institution. They're around even before I was born. Their fried chicken has got this aroma so distinct that you can never go wrong when you get a whiff of it, you can always tell it's Sunburst. 

My plate of Classic 3-piece Sunburst.

So we had our dinner and I was giddy because I haven't eaten there for years and what do you know, it just wasn't the same. The chicken I so dearly remember doesn't taste the same. Sure it smells the same but I can tell there had been a slight change in the recipe and I went home kind of disappointed but nonetheless, full. 

Let me tell you, the place was packed and I went home thinking "Aroma is everything."

We can make or break your dish.

Not too long ago, I started being conscious about the oils and spices I use in cooking and I've discovered that  those things are very important in improving flavors. A dash of let's say, thyme or a tablespoon of oyster sauce does miracles to a dish. A lot of restaurant style food secrets depend on condiments.

Here's a recipe I've sort of made up. I know that classic buffalo wings are baked and sesame chicken wings are usually grilled so I made mine super easy fried then smothered in sauce.