Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cheez N Slaw

The glorious moment when my mouth met Cheez N Slaw

A sammich is at its holiest at the right points of the day, take for example: ME right now at 3:13am as I am typing this up, my tummy is asking for it. It can also hit me unexpectedly as I wake up from an afternoon nap or just laughing at The Lonely Island videos or when I'm watching TV and the commercials are on. Ah, sammich!

The thing about a sammich is that it's ridiculously good when you make it yourself. It isn't so hard. All you gotta do is 1. have bread and 2. have some week-old junk in the fridge. The possibilities are endless like a choose your own adventure book or something.

Something like that or something.

So what I'm doing here is I'm raiding my fridge every month for edible things to stuff in between two pieces of bread (or in between a bun or something). Maybe, when I feel fancy, I'd even decide to go out and buy ingredients from a store. We'll see.

Today, I woke up at around 2pm (because I slept at 8am) and you can only imagine how famished I must've been that time. Perfect timing.

Here's my loot:

So assuming you are going to find the same stuff in your own fridge and would like to experience the Cheez N Slaw, do this:

1. Toast the bread.

2. Spread Remoulade sauce (it's much like tartar sauce, basically mayo or aoli with pickles, horseradishpaprikaanchoviescapers, etc.) on one slice.

3. Put a generous amount of grated cheese.

4. Julienne or chop finely the cabbage and add it on top of the cheese.

5. Get another slice of bread, squeeze in some tomato ketchup and stick face down into the mound of goodness.

Friday, January 21, 2011

A new bread... err breed will rise!

And so, what is life without a sammich? 

What is this blog without a dedicated page for sammiches?

2011 is going to be all sorts of awesome!

Till the next eats,
♥ Chef Shak

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oh, Smother!

Welcome to the first post of the year. As much as it seem ridiculous to me, I will start assuming that readers aren't as imaginary as I thought because 1. I still get comments and 2. my online counters are still running. Thank you for dropping (and drooling) by! I feel bad for not updating as much as I would like to. I do hope that you tried using some of the recipes in here and enjoyed it.

I've been busy since the New Year up to the Sinulog festivities, cooking as well as roaming around town, as usual. I'm not a stranger to people dragging me around and stuff. If I get my way all the time, I'd be a hermit by now. I would rather lounge around the house in an oversized shirt lugging a book and coffee mug, heating up some righteous grub but I must accept the sweet fact that I have great friends who love to have me around all the time.

Forever alone does not apply to me even if I am actually resigned to the idea of it and I've actually planned how to live my future out: a spinster with cats and one big busy kitchen like this:

Haha. That looks like a desperate episode of Hoarders.

or maybe like this:

Okay, that's more like it. :3

But enough of all that useless crap. The future is bleak and lucky are we if we get there. Let's focus on the now and let's get down to delicious business!

One look at the Recipe Index of this blog and you'd judge me to be partial to pork. I am all for pork. I'm not a big fan of beef unless for Pochero and burgers. Steak? Not too much. There is something neutral about pork that is hard to replace.

I saw this ad campaign by the US National Pork Board last year and I thought HELL YES, IT IS!

You can cook it light to almost mimic chicken and it can be prepared heavy and artery-bursting. That quality is just pretty hard to beat. There is also one reason why in all meats, pork is closest to my heart and that is:

I am partial to quick-fix meals because like most people, I couldn't wait too long to eat (which explains my affinity for fastfood!). So with these facts, I bring to you a really easy, non-complicated savory pork dish that can be prepped and cooked in less than and hour.