Monday, December 5, 2011

There are small victories.

Some people do what they do to be rewarded.

Some people do what they do despite reward.

Sometimes, I do something I love so much that doing it is a reward in itself.

This is why I have this blog. 

I may not be a prolific foodblogblogwriter.

I don't write every week even when I cook everyday.

I am super self-conscious with the content that goes into my blog posts. 

I'm a little OC about these kind of things because I tend to stray and I suck at organizing my thoughts.

Then I see my stats and find out a decent number of people have reached my blog.

Okay, not sure if all of you are people but I'm pretty sold the ones who've read this far are. :)

Then among a bulk of hotlinks in my chat box, there are a few real people saying they appreciate the stuff I wrote. 

That all of it made them hungry.

And then I have friends who once in a while mention my blog to me, sometimes to other people, sometimes in their own blogs.

I think that is just awesome.

And it's one of the reasons why I maintain diy-eats.

And I'm ecstatic to announce that I have been nominated for a Best Cebu Blogs award in the Food and Personal Category. 

Not only that, I've also become a finalist in both categories.

Last year, I won an award from them as one of the most popular blogs through shameless self-promotion, err I mean Facebook likes.


At least, I know I have over a hundred people willing to back me up.

Just kidding.

So, the awarding for the 4th Annual Best Cebu Blogs Awards will be this FridayDecember 9, 5 p.m. at the SM City Cebu Conference Hall A.

I am going! For posterity! Haha.

So, yeah.

May the bestest blog win!

Also, congratulations to all the dedicated Cebuano bloggers who made the cut!

Keep doing what y'all do for love (and hopefully, nothing else).

Till the next eats,

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  1. congratulations in advance Shak...being a finalist is already an added bonus, as long as you keep your readers happy (and hungry) and you are happy blogging about the thing you love most.

    Keep it up. Im following you!


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