Friday, July 1, 2011

The MockMuffin

Let's say you want to have a McDonald's breakfast every once in a while.

Your stomach is grumbling and your jaw is tightening. Your eyes and mouth are watering... for fast(junk)food.

I'm guessing this city alone has over twenty Mickey D's.

One or two near you where you can go to or call up to bring you grub.

But it feels pretty damn good to know you have the choice not to.

This month is this blog's Breakfast Edition.

I am not a morning person.

So far, I haven't been blessed with a regular 9 to 5 job.

This dampens the possibility of me rising up early.

So why am I doing this breakfast month thing?

Because no matter what time of day, I love breakfast food.

You know, scrambled eggs for dinner, sausages for lunch, bread all day, et cetera.

July = 5 weekends = 5 recipes to lighten up your day. As bright as butter.

Today, let's take a little fast out of fastfood and make it a little healthier because at least you're pretty sure what's going into your hungry mouf. ^_~

The MockMuffin

You will need:

2 pieces English Muffins, cut into sandwich halves

2 fresh Eggs, small or medium

2 slices Spiced Ham or Sweet Ham or Bacon... your call! (McDonald's Sausage McMuffin has Canadian Bacon)

2 tablespoons Mayonnaise

2 teaspoons Butter

2 tablespoons Cooking Oil

2 slices Cheese

Ketchup (optional)

a frying pan, a fry turner/ladle, an egg ring or a small aluminum cookie cutter (if you don't have both, you can make a diy egg ring by opening up both ends of an empty small liverspread can, like what I did), oven toaster or just another pan for heating up your English Muffins

- - -

1. In a frying pan, cook your eggs and ham/bacon with cooking oil over very low heat. Cooking egg the slow way will make it rubbery like in the original Egg McMuffin. Also, using an egg ring is important at this point. You would want the whole McMuffin experience to be complete and you would want your eggs to be pretty. But that's just me talking. If you must, go on and cook sloppy eggs! Who cares, right? Haha.

2. Spread a bit of butter on each side of the sliced English Muffins and heat in the toaster for a minute or two. In the absence of a toaster, heat those babies up in a pan just enough till it browns a bit.

3. After this is done, spread a dollop of mayonnaise on each side of the bread and place hot ham over the bottom bread. Place the cheese on top of ham, then the round and pretty egg and lastly, the other warm bun.

Well that was pretty fast, wouldn't you agree?

And let me add, you get two sammiches for the price of one from the store.

Tastes just as good, too.

I'm not asking you to give McDonald's a run for their money but, you know. Haha!

Till the next eats!

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